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 Ron and Kay were born and raised in Lapeer, Michigan.  As their family was growing up they traveled around the country taking in the many attractions this country has to offer especially the national parks. With their travel experiences and Ron now being in a wheelchair did not stop their traveling but they had to make some adjustments. The family has traveled throughout the United States, with overnight stays in some very unique places. Their lodgings have ranged from hotels to tents in a campsite in the national parks. Travel experiences with their, sons, and grandsons, they decided to also pursue the exciting concept of travel for people with disabilities and age related difficulties.  Through the years there were changes regarding accessibility ... new laws were being implemented to meet the travel needs of people with disabilities but  they discovered that much of this information was not getting into the hands of the people who could benefit from it the most - travelers with disabilities and age related difficulties.  

            Ron and Kay will not judge since it may be good for Ron and not good for someone else, or the other way around.  The photographs will try and expose as much as possible so everyone viewing The Disabled Traveler’s website will be able to draw his or her own conclusion.  






Roger Wilmers is the oldest son of Ron & Kay and is the photographer for The Disabled Traveler Companion.  Please go to and view his entire web site.








Cerise Dixon is the Graphics and Printed Coordinator for the Disabled Traveler’s Companion.   She has been involved in graphic design and marketing for over 40 years.   For the past 25 years she has owned and operated Dixon Graphics & Interior Design.
Cerise has been part of TDT project from it’s conception.



Vanessa Ferguson is the Public Relations Coordinator for The Disabled Traveler. She is a communication instructor at a community college and has been working in the public relations field for over 15 years. She holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan-Flint along with a master's degree from Michigan State University and a second from Eastern Michigan University. Vanessa is an avid traveler working towards visiting all 50 states with her husband. She enjoys working with the TDT to help make travel accessible to everyone.



Kay and Ron Wilmers 

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