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The Disabled Traveler is a non-profit 501©(3).  The goal is to raise funds to develop a web site concerning accessibility features at your National Parks.  To remove much of the unknown in our National Parks that concerns visitors with a disability or age related difficulties. 

By condensing and focusing accessible areas of the parks to one web site, a visitor will be able to better prepare themselves for an experience they will cherish and talk about forever.

For some vacationers, planning a trip involves making reservations and packing up the car, kids or grandkids…..for travelers with a  disability and/or age related difficulty, it may first mean knowing more about the destination and accommodations currently available before hitting the road.

The Disabled Traveler's Companion

There is a huge untapped market for accessibility information about our National Parks.  57 million persons with a disability and another 57 million age 60 (U.S. Census 2010) and above who may experience age related difficulties. This group is large, vocal, wants to travel, and has discretionary income in the billions of dollars.

The Disabled Traveler does not evaluate or criticize anything regarding accessibility at our national parks. 

Ron & Kay attended the America's Summit on National Parks in 2012.

For more detailed information please go to “Mission Statement” 

The National Park Service is the provost for our country's natural heritage.  The national parks are scattered throughout our country's natural borders and they hold a teaching process of nature that will humble those who experience it firsthand. 

Remember:  we are visitors in the national parks, nature at its finest.  The citizens of these parks, from four legged to winged creatures, did not invite us but rather we invited ourselves to their homes.  The least we can do when we visit these parks is to leave the delicate balance of nature intact.



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